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Chocolate Boy Ltd is a small start-up company founded by Lumbi Kulube in 2019, and sells traditional and tribal African clothing.

The company was founded to build a brand based on celebrating different cultures and backgrounds within the Afro-Caribbean society. Through the African clothing that I sell, my main goal is to help our people be proud of our heritage, and celebrate the historical achievements and contributions of many of the pioneers and leaders within our community over many generations. 


The idea of starting up my own company came to mind towards the end of 2018, as I decided that I wanted to have extra income in addition to my 9-5 job. I decided to start up a company selling African clothing as I wanted to base my business around something that I was passionate about. As I have a strong interest in African clothing, it allows me to run the business in a way where I can be more passionate about it, and I can communicate my message with my audience better. 

By selling my African clothing, I aim to unite Black people from all different backgrounds together, and push our culture forward in the process. My plan is to show us that we are much stronger and much more effective when we work together than when we are separated. 

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