The Most Common Types of African Tops

African clothing is currently being purchased at an increasing rate and African tops in particular are among some of the most types of African clothing being worn today. This includes Casual African Print crop tops and other types of African ladies tops. These types of African tops normally are extremely bright & vibrant through combining a wide range of different patterns and designs, which helps to give consumers a sophisticated and elegant look. 

African dashikis and African tailored kente are also among some of the most popular African tops. African dashikis are one of the most special types of African tops as they provide comfort as well as the good look, with the fabric and production of these African tops being from various parts of Africa. African Kente are one of the most intriguing types of African tops. African Kente are an example of African tops which possess underlying and deeper messages through their colors. For example, African tops of this type can represent blue which means love, green meaning growth, gold meaning wealth and red meaning anger.  

As one of the prominent types of African tops, Kente cloth has been embraced by the broader African diaspora (which means people of African descent wherever they might live.) Kente cloth is particularly popular in the United States among African-Americans and can be found on all types of African tops. These designs replicate registered Kente designs, but are often the most mass-produced African tops.

 The open back tops are another example of African tops which are regularly designed. These African tops allow African women to display a sense of uniqueness, and these African tops are known to be extremely stylish. These African tops can also come as a body suit to elevate the look, and many women like to team these African tops with denim jeans and heels for a cute date look.

The list of different African tops goes on, from the button collar down African tops to the floral long shirt blouses to the mini dress tops. African tops are playing a vital role today in helping Africans embrace the variety of our different cultures and celebrate our history. African tops are proving to provide customers with a great value for their money and can be worn on a number of different occasions and events.  


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