Chocolate Boy Ltd: The Sweeter Side of Business

You’ve heard the old adage everything tastes better with chocolate, but have you ever wondered if that’s true? Chocolate Boy Ltd., based in London, UK, have proven that with their top of the line apparel. Learn more about this growing business here at Chocolate Boy Ltd. – The No.1 Site for African Clothing and the sweeter side of apparel business.

What is the brand about?

Chocolate Boy began from humble beginnings. The brand specialises in clothing inspired by African traditions, with a focus on versatility for everyday wear (not just for special occasions). Chocolate Boy has many different products to fit your African fashion needs. The company also has a line of clothing that is specifically designed to be worn by African men and women. These clothes are made from high quality fabrics and are available in a variety of colours. They are designed to fit any body type or size while still being fashionable. They have an extensive range of products including blazers, dresses, shirts, trousers and jackets among others. Each product is available in different sizes to ensure that they can fit anyone comfortably without compromising on style or comfort.

Products provided by the brand

They’re not about simply offering traditional garb—they want you to feel African every day. In their catalogue, you can find a number of items such as dashikis, lace dress shirts and suits, as well as more modern pieces such as pants, vests and blazers. Offering a Variety of Traditional African Shirts, Dresses, Trousers, as far as online stores go, Chocolate Boy offers a variety of both classic and contemporary options for all ages.

Who is the owner of this African Apparel Brand?

Lumbi Kulube founded Chocolate Boy in 2019. The idea was to showcase African art and give customers an alternative to mass-produced clothing. Kulube has won Designer of the Year from Made in Africa Fashion Week. His company has been recognised as one of Most Innovative Companies. Kulube says his mission is changing mind sets about African fashion through collaborations with other designers from around [the] world by opening stores abroad that use local artisans for supply chains.

Even so, the firm was formed with the goal of promoting Afro-Caribbean cultures and origins. The owner's primary purpose is to assist his people feel proud of their African ancestry and commemorate the accomplishments and efforts of many of the pioneers and leaders in his community through many generations via the African apparel he sells.

Bottom Line

In business, it's easy to lose track of what you stand for. Profit is profit, right? No! It's important not to lose touch with your brand in such a way that you're simply making money off culture. Chocolate Boy African Apparel embraces their heritage and sells unique pieces inspired by local artisans' work and finds ways to connect people who wear their clothing with their culture. While that is likely great for marketing (and maybe a little window dressing), we think it says even more about how much they appreciate their customers. Chocolate Boy is a fantastic example of how leveraging what makes your company special can lead to success on a larger scale.

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