Boris Johnson is Still in Intensive Care

Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care as he continues to receive treatment for COVID19.

Mr Johnson is being kept in St Thomas' Hospital in London "for close monitoring", Downing Street said.

The PM is "comfortable, he's stable, he's in good spirits", said health minister Edward Argar on Wednesday.

Downing Street has confirmed that given Boris Johnson's illness, the review into the UK's coronavirus restrictions planned for next Monday will now take place at a later date.

NHS are continuing to urge the nation to stay at home to reduce the rate at which the coronavirus is currently spreading at. NHS have advised that people only leave their homes for reasons that are essential, including shopping, one form of exercise a day and travelling to work. 

It has also been confirmed that the UK government has rejected President Donald Trump's offer to help with the COVID-19 treatment of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Trump told a press briefing that his administration had contacted Johnson's doctors and told them he had asked two unnamed pharmaceutical companies to offer the prime minister support.

"I've asked two of the leading companies, these are brilliant companies — Ebola, AIDS, others, they've come with the solutions and just have done incredible jobs," Trump said. "And I've asked them to contact London immediately."

Since being admitted to intensive care, the prime minister has needed oxygen for breathing problems but No 10 said he had not been placed on a ventilator and did not have pneumonia. They did not reveal further details, such as whether Johnson had any type of secondary infection.

The latest report on patients admitted into critical care for coronavirus in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since the outbreak began in February showed that only 15%of them had been discharged. A similar number had died and the rest remained in hospital. 


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