Black Love

Black Love is one of the most interesting and commonly discussed topics within the Black Community today.

When we talk about Black love, there are a number of key points which need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, there is the importance of Black Love being for ALL Black people with different sexualities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. We must remember to expand our definition of love & family to be more than just a heterosexual construct but one that belongs to everyone along the spectrum of gender & sexuality. 

Black Love challenges us to work through the hurt of generational traumas and to be better to each other. It also looks like listening to Black women, many who feel that many Black men overlook them for white women or women of other races. There is a famous quote which says "Every Black Man Needs a Black Woman" which is based on the idea that no other woman on Earth can truly understand the Black Man's pain and his feelings on living in a system of White Supremacy. The same can also be said vice versa - every Black Woman needs a Black Man, as he is the only one who can truly understand the Black Woman's pain from the various negative portrayals and stereotypes that have been associated with them in society.

 "Pro-Black" is a lifestyle that encourages the economic growth and development of our people as a whole with the purpose of increasing the wealth and population of Black people globally. Some Black people strongly believe that a Black person loses all rights to claim to be pro-black and speak on issues within the Black community once they date outside their race. The basis of this idea is that it is a contradiction to claim that you're Pro-Black but not commit yourself to a Black partner. When we look at Black people with white partners in particular, it's argued that you are not able to claim pro-blackness based on the racial history between Blacks and Whites, as well as the current global system of White Supremacy which has given rise to the racial tension in society today.

 On the other hand, some Black people feel that you should be able to date who you want, irrespective of race. There are Black people who believe that one's pro-blackness should not be questioned based on the race of their partner, and people should be allowed to fall in love with who they fall in love with regardless of race.

 The Black community is a family in itself - it's time we love each other like family. It's our duty to show examples of Black Love to our children and to future generations. By our children seeing great examples of Black Love and it's importance, they will be more likely to commit themselves to Black men & women when they are adults, so that they can do the same for their children. Great examples of Black love can be passed on from generation to generation in this way. 

Love is a universal language that we all define in and on our own terms. When we add the extra ingredient of our Blackness, love can take on a unique power that is shared through ancestral lineage rich with traditions that have been passed on through each generation, and shaped by our own views of life. 

 Black Love means strength and resilience. It means covering for each other - in prayer and principle and having each other's back through thick and thin. Black love is unique, because it is different from everyone else's experience. 

Black Love is the ability to love your mate and be unapologetically Black while celebrating Black excellence. It's the action of being proud of your heritage, hue, culture, and having an unbashed pride along with it. 



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